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$300 - Emergency Time
Unfortunately, I have had to resign from the Census job due to their requiring me to work 12 hours/day in excessive heat and humidity. Due to my nearly fainting from overexertion and heat exhaustion in a lady's living room a couple of weeks ago, I decided it would be very unsafe for me to attempt as 12-hour stint, even with breaks. (And yes, I will be seeing a doctor soon to find out what, if anything, is causing this lack of resistance to hot/humid conditions. Even without fainting, I've been feeling ill whenever I've been out in it.)

I need to come up with $300 ASAP for paying off last month's rent. That's the main concern right now, though I still have this month's rent to worry about later on.

I will do static images, sequences, comics, or Flash animations, whatever is desired, within the following limitations: No cub porn, scat, hard vore, or gore.

Please PM me with your request and what you will offer for it.

If you can't afford a request, please journal a link to this so that others might see it. It would be much appreciated.

This is not my favorite 007, and thus I am offering $2 icons.
What's messed up is that my PayPal account is exactly $0.07 short of the amount I need in order to withdraw money from a local bank ATM in order to pay my power bill, which was supposed to be paid today (and can still be paid early tomorrow morning if I can just get the darned money out of PayPal).

If you can help, I'd sure appreciate it. $2 icon, PayPal to (and please mention in a comment here that you bought one).

I'll honor as many icon commissions as happen to show up, until I say "por favor, no mas". :)

(oops! I never put up the "por favor, no mas!"

well, here it is now, as this post is about 7 years old. :D -- ed. 1/6/2017)

Job news and commission offer.
I will start my Census job next Tuesday. I've made arrangements with my landlord regarding paying rent, so I should have plenty of time to get caught up on the rent itself.

I'm hopeful that I will have a job before then; I will be calling one of the local Domino's restaurants tomorrow afternoon to find out whether I have a job interview with them. Juggling two jobs may be a bit difficult, but I'm sure I'll be able to work something out.

Right now, I'm needing to scare up some money to cover my power bill, gas, and food 'til wages begin landing for me.

So, here's what I'm offering:

$3 black-and-white or color icons
$5 black-and-white images
$7 color images

Prices are for 1 character; add 50% of original price for each additional character.

If you're interested, drop a PM here and PayPal to ... if not, please spread the word. :3


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